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Visitor's guides in English to The Norwegian museum of Science and Technology.

Life and death

is the title of the National Medical Museum’s new permanent exhibition.

The exhibition is meant to inspire people to ask questions about what medicine and health are — and what they can and should be.

Small pieces of tinfoil. Photo.

One of the world’s earliest recordings unveiled

A tinfoil recording from the early 1880s, made on an Edison phonograph, is being unveiled in Norway. The recording has been digitally restored by leading American experts. The anticipation is considerable. What is being said and who is talking? Could it be Thomas Edison himself?

Old tape recorder.

Close to The Beatles

Beatles fans and everyone interested in music technology have something to look forward to. From November 3, the Music Machines exhibition will include a Studer J37 tape recorder exactly like the ones used by The Beatles when they recorded Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Big room with multiple old sound machines and instruments. Photo.

Music machines

Where do you draw the line between a musical instrument and a machine? To what extent can music be created without using technology? Does technology stimulate or inhibit creativity? These are just a few of the questions that are addressed in this exhibition. 

Old wooden house. Photo.

External exhibition: Lødingen telegraph station - A telegrapher's paradise

-The history of the telegraph is quite special, promises Kyrre Bjugn (89), and invites us to a tour of the old station at Lødingen. Meeting Kyrre is like an encounter with living telecommunications history.

The Heat Treatment

Bianca Hlywa’s film The Heat Treatment documents conservation workers at the museum, tracking how the process of heat treatment evolved from past practices using toxic insecticides to treat objects.


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