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Museums potential in childrens learning

Torhild Skåtun shall examine how museum spaces and collections can facilitate learning experiences, which foster engaged citizenship.


The research project which examins the potential of museums to be active agents in children and young people’s learning infrastructure, will focus on the themes citizenship and sustainability. Exploring how museums can be part of children and young people’s learning infrastructure, in viewing the museum as one of several context of learning.

The focus will be on the museums core activity its collection and exhibitions, and how these has potential to facilitate active engagement.

The goal of the project is to concentrate on the museum’s contribution to building resilience, by arranging workshops for young people that may increase competence to act in their adult lives. The research will also explore how new media platforms may contribute to build bridges between young people’s different learning contexts, such as school, home, and museum.

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The PhD is submitted at The School of Museum Studies, Leicester University

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