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Photo: Nasjonalmuseet


Art Exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
May 28 – August 29, 2021

In collaboration with the National Museum, the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology has the pleasure of presenting / is pleased to present original works by Gerhard Munthe.

He is said to be Norway's first industrial designer and one of the most significant designers of his time.

Photo: Nasjonalmuseet

  The National Museum describes Munthe as follows:

«Gerhard Munthe (1849–1929) was a highly productive artist who covered most fields in industrial arts. In particular, he contributed significantly to room decorations, including Håkonshallen in Bergen, Strand Gård in Numedal, and Eventyrværelset (the Fairy Tale Room) at Holmenkollen Tourist Hotel (which burned down in 1914). Not only did he make wall decorations; he also designed furniture, doors, and other interior decors. These works are considered Norway’s earliest Gesamtkunstwerk. Munthe is regarded as our first industrial designer and attracted attention both at home and abroad.»

The exhibition shows the versatility of Munthe's artistic work. Below are samples of what is on exhibit, and activities you may join:


Munthe made a great contribution to the room decoration of Håkonshallen in Bergen. The medieval stone hall is now revivified / given new life in the animation connected to the exhibition. You will, for the first time, see an animation that shows the interior as it originally was in 1916–1944.


Munthe lived in the house Leveld at Lysaker. The house was designed by Munthe himself, in the style of stately Norwegian farmhouses. Many artists allowed their artistic ideas to unfold in domestic interior. Munthe was no exception.


Munthe also designed furniture and textiles. He wanted to create something unique, inspired by old farmhouses. The exhibition offers a number of Munthe’s pattern designs.


Nasjonalmuseet har laget et fysisk aktivitetshefte med oppgaver. Her har du en unik mulighet for å kombinere kunsthistorie, undervisning og opplevelse.

The National Museum has made a physical activity booklet with exercises. This gives you a unique opportunity to combine art history, teaching and experience / adventure.

There is also an online guide available for educators who want to use the exhibition for teaching purpose. The guide is adapted for educators who want to focus on different subjects, such as arts and crafts, mathematics, or Norwegian language teaching.

The exhibition is curated by senior researcher at the National Museum, Widar Halén, in cooperation with guest curator and art historian Jan Kokkin.

The academic program is curated by teaching curator Helga Gravermoen. The exhibition design is carried out by Torsteinsens Design.

Photo: Nasjonalmuseet

join the collaborative weaving!

All visitors may contribute to a large joint project: to weave and complete a design. Together we create the rug thread by thread. The textile artist Kristin Sæterdal shows the weaving technique via film. You may continue the work that earlier visitors have started.


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