blind spot

The exhibition is about the difference between looking and seeing.

The space of the BLIND SPOT exhibition is supposed to create curiosity to circle through it and discover the layers of optical illusions inspired by the collection of objects on vision that the museum owns.

The idea for the design of the exhibition was based on the age-old optical spectacle of the anamorphosis as well as on the principle of light, reflection, color, and shadow transcending materials and ricocheting off walls and objects into the viewer’s eyes, body, and mind.

The anamorphosis confuses by its simplicity – you simply must find the right angle to read the message or assemble the image as one.

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«Beyond this charade of light and contorted illusion, you will find the historical objects that helped scientists and us all to gain an understanding of what and how we see. However, the ways we not only look at the message and hear it, but also listen to it and read it, will forever remain a matter of personal viewpoint and disposition.»

Karen Kipphof, Norwegian Theatre Academy


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